Saturday, September 08, 2007

TIFF Day 3 – 9/8/07

Celebrity Sightings:

Jody Foster, here with the Neil Jordan film “The Brave One,” in which she portrays a one-woman vigilante force.

Michael Moore, presenting the World Premiere of “Captain Mike Across America,” his strategically-released attempt to mobilize voters in anticipation of the 2008 presidential election. (As I write this from the press room, I’m actually watching Moore, via video, in his press conference.) The controversial filmmaker says he “visited 62 cities in 45 days, holding large rallies on college campuses.” He dubbed it “The Slacker Uprising Tour”!

Kenneth Branagh, here for his highly praised remake of “Sleuth,” starring Jude Law and Michael Caine. Probably won’t catch this one, as the release date is next month. I remember seeing the Anthony Shaffer play at A.C.T. in S.F. decades ago. Harold Pinter adapted the new version, which provides an added bonus.

Well, off to catch Sean Penn’s greatly anticipated “Into the Wild.” The famed actor penned and directed the film based on the book by Jon Krakauer, about a wealthy young college graduate, Christopher McCandless, who gives his inheritance away to OXFAM and, in the tradition of Thoreau and London, takes off into the wilderness of Alaska. We already know of his tragic demise, but, as they say, what a wild trip it was.

Ciao for now!

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