Sunday, April 08, 2007

SFIFF 2007 Women-Directed Documentaries, Part 2

Four docs look particularly promising: THE MONASTERY, PROTAGONIST, THE LAST DAYS OF YASSER ARAFAT, and A WALK TO BEAUTIFUL. At Sundance I missed THE MONASTERY and PROTAGONIST, two films two respected friends raved about, so I'm grateful that SFIFF Programers Linda Blackaby and Rod Armstrong selected them for SF. THE MONASTERY (director Pernille Rose Grønkjær’s first feature documentary),

filmed during a five-year span, follows Mr. Vig, an 86-year-old virgin former parish priest living alone in a dilapidated castle in the Danish countryside, which he’s always dreamed of turning into a Russian Orthodox monastery. Sister Ambrosija, a young, ambitious, headstrong nun arrives on the scene and life changes for both of them. The catalogue describes the film as “a deeply satisfying work of intimacy and grace, it leaves us pondering which is the better measure of our time on earth––how we live or what we leave behind.”

Thurs. May 3 4:30 Kabuki
Fri. May 4 7:00 Kabuki
Sun. May 6 1:00 Kabuki


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