Monday, April 09, 2007


The protagonist is of central importance in the classic
story structure of Greek tragedians. Academy Award-
winning filmmaker Jessica Yu invents an unconventional
story told through the prism of four seemingly unrelated
men––a former German terrorist, an “ex-gay” evangelist,
a bank robber, and a martial-arts student––who create a
new nightmare in an attempt to escape from an old one.

Yu’s previous feature film IN THE REALMS OF THE
UNREAL, which examined the life and work of outsider
artist Henry Darger, was so odd and inspired, when I saw
it in 2005 I immediately sat through a second viewing.
I’m expecting similar quality and surprises in

Sat. April 28 6:15 SFMoMA
Mon. April 30 4:15 Kabuki
Tues. May 1 9:15 Kabuki


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